A woman who lost her house in an earthquake packed her bags and started anew with a gorgeous tiny home

Imagine investing a lot of money in things and a big house only to lose them all at once. How can you begin again after a tragedy has taken everything away? Vicky lost everything in a New Zealand earthquake. As a result, she relocated to Queensland, Australia, and began a new life in a tiny house. Vicky’s sanctuary is located on a small plot of land she rents with other families in a small community with other tiny houses.

The property includes a permaculture farm where they can grow food, a yoga studio, and a treatment room where you can get massages, acupuncture, and other treatments. Vicky used to live in a normal-sized house in Christchurch, New Zealand. However, earthquakes destroyed it. She stated that it was a difficult time for her, so she relocated to Australia and stayed with friends in Sydney until she found work and put her life back together.

Vicky relaxing in her cozy patio

Her insurance company rebuilt her house after six years, but she had already established a new life in Australia and has not returned to New Zealand. “I’d wanted to live tiny after everything you own is destroyed in an earthquake; you start to question why you’re putting so much money into things and space, and all of that is suddenly gone,” she explained.

The patio and exterior of the tiny home

Vicky claims she spent five to seven years looking for the right builder. She ended up in Queensland, where she discovered the most incredible building company and people. She finished her house in two months. Vicky’s stunning home’s exterior is made of Colorbond in Dune Matt finish, with black windows, and her wooden patio has white, flowing curtains, lights, and functional mosquito nets. Her home is wired for regular power and runs on bore water.

The kitchen of the tiny home.

Her tiny house is 7.2 meters long with a little bump out over the drawbar, making it eight meters long. She also has lovely landscaping and a garden, as well as a space for bee-friendly wildflowers. Her tiny house is green on the inside, mirroring the rainforest outside, which you can see through her windows. Her white wallpaper features plants and trees, and she spent hours looking for the perfect print for her wall.

The bathroom

She purchased the wallpaper directly from the artist in the Netherlands. Vicky’s tiny house interior features green, wood, and copper accents. It has aqua blue copper lights that she purchased four years ago from a thrift store, so when she decided to live in a tiny house, she thought the copper lights should be present.
Watch the video at Living Big in a Tiny House for a complete tiny house tour.

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