Watch till the end! Baby has the cutest expression watching his grandpa playing the saxophone

Braylon is a tiny toddler who enjoys listening to his grandfather, Joe Sims, play the saxophone. Braylon appears to be obsessed with nothing else in the world. Braylon sits across from his grandfather in one video, who is playing a smooth and sweet song for his grandson. Braylon’s expression demonstrates maturity beyond his years.

Braylon’s smile and thoughtful expression are endearing. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral, and everyone agreed that Braylon’s expression was profoundly loving. Joe Sims has been playing since he was in fifth grade, and Braylon has admired him since he first heard him play. He now plays whenever he gets the chance for Braylon.

Braylon is the most adorable audience member, sitting on a chair that frames his face. He appears to be the tiniest regular at a jazz club, contemplating the wonders of life. People donated to buy Joe Sims a new saxophone after the video went viral.

When the new instrument arrived, he was overcome with emotion and couldn’t believe it. Joe Sims was wiping away tears and covering his mouth as he unpacked the new instrument. He always plays Braylon’s favorite song, ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider,’ on it.

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