Grandpa Transforms Autistic Child’s Room Into 100-Acre Woods With Magical Bed. Take a look inside!

Everyone has a unique way of expressing their love for their family members. You can’t help but feel the depth of a man’s love when you see the beautiful and thoughtful “safety bed” he made for his autistic grandson on Reddit! The talented grandfather shows off the custom bed he designed for his 3-year-old grandson in a viral video.

The bed is decorated in a “Winnie the Pooh” theme, and the standard twin mattress inside is on wheels, allowing it to be pulled out to change the sheets and clean underneath. Grandpa checked with a local fire department to ensure it was completely safe for his grandson to use. Inside, it’s padded with a wrestling mat to prevent self-harm, and it comes with a Bluetooth sound system, a reversible air fan, adjustable LED lighting, and dual-monitoring cameras.

When his grandson first saw it, he was so excited that he cried when he had to leave! Obviously, no two autistic people have the same experiences or needs, but this grandfather made certain that what he built was perfect for his grandson. “Mostly it was adding things to make my daughter’s and son-in-experience law’s of meeting his needs as easy as I can with this tool,” he commented. “That’s all there is to it. “An instrument to make his life easier and more peaceful.”

Because of the positive response to his video, he is thinking about taking on commission work from other people whose children could benefit from a bed like this! Take it all in by watching the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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