A Silly Horse Poses for a Photo with a Young Girl. To see the face of this amusing animal, click on the image.

It’s been stated that children and horses have a special bond. It’s difficult to quantify, but children are generally fascinated by large creatures, and their reactions range from fear to utter wonder, depending on the child. Some children are very scared when confronted with large animals, while others are fearless and merely excited.

When they discover that they could potentially sit on top of this large, intimidating, and majestic creature and actually have some manner of control over it, many children become fascinated to the point of obsession. As someone who owns horses and lives on a farm, we call that “getting the bug”. Some children get the bug the moment they see a horse, even if it’s only a photo or drawing, and it rarely goes away.

Those parents are in trouble; horse crazy kids are a unique breed and generally very determined. You might be surprised to hear that horses also have a special relationship with children. For big animals, horses are amazingly sensitive. It comes from a need to detect predators and react quickly; it’s a survival instinct. But, it also allows them to read people incredibly well.

It’s not magic, because horses can perceive moods and thoughts and react to them, even if they can’t read minds. Children are more calm than adults and frequently open books. Horses frequently respond favorably to children who are less domineering and better communicators than adults.

Also, these animals tend to have unique personalities and their own version of a sense of humor. So, when a dad decided to take a picture of his daughter with some Clydesdales, he got more than he bargained for. We absolutely love this hilarious picture… what a ham!

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