On live television, a man learns that his missing son was discovered in his basement.

A TikTok reel recently featured a video of a father discovering that his missing son had been found in his own basement. The young child had been reported missing for nearly 11 days, which worried his family. But it was the presenters’ announcement that he had been found in the basement that added to his shock and eventual relief.

Nancy Grace of HLN informed the worried father Charles Bothuell IV that his son was alive and well in their own home. The presenter also inquired of the father whether he had thoroughly inspected the basement. “I’ve searched the basement, my wife has searched the basement, the FBI has searched the basement, and the Detroit Police have searched my basement,” the concerned father responded. We’ve all searched the basement several times for my missing son.”

When it was discovered that the missing son had been hiding from his father and stepmother, the relief quickly turned into a public outcry. When the son, Charles Bothuell V, was discovered, he admitted to hiding in the basement. He stated that he did not want to confront his father. He was afraid of his reaction when he realized his son hadn’t exercised.

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