At 30, this Australian mother of six starts a successful modeling career. How she looks now is amazing!

When we look at these photos, it’s difficult to believe that this is a 30-year-old woman with six children. This mother of many children is now a model for Britney Spears’ underwear. Rosie Luik, who was born in Brisbane, first made headlines when she was 25 years old.

She already had four children, so she gave the baby to her best friend, who became a surrogate mother. Rosie eventually had twins, bringing her total number of children to six. But Rosie has proven that she has the ability to make anything happen.

The woman looks after her children and spends her free time training so that she can one day begin the modeling career she has desired since she was a child. And this mother has only recently signed her first work contract. She is now on her way to Australia to promote Britney Spears’ underwear line.

Rosie has collaborated with a variety of other brands and has recently released a full autobiography about her time at the IVF clinic and what she learned there. Rosie claims that when modeling agencies learn how young she was when she began her career, they immediately stop contacting her. Most models begin their careers when they are 13 or 14. But Rosie has always prioritized her family and children. The catwalk and photo shoots followed.

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