This Husband Tears Up At Wife’s Stunning Makeover! See the transformation in the video below!

Minaya, from Minnesota, was looking for a new beginning. She learned about The Makeover Guy through social media and YouTube and decided to pay him a visit to see if he could assist her with her current hair disaster. Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy, is a professional stylist with a diverse range of skills. Christopher’s YouTube channel has gone viral, and it’s easy to see why. He’s endearing, honest, and upbeat. You can tell he wants his clients to feel comfortable in their own skin, and Minaya is no exception…

This woman was dissatisfied with her hair and her overall appearance. She was, as you can see, growing out her gray hair, but she was understandably frustrated and impatient. Furthermore, long hair requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, especially as you get older. Gray hair is often coarser and more stubborn than regular hair, making it difficult to tame and style as desired.

Christopher is known for chopping off long hair and encouraging his clients to gracefully age rather than fight it tooth and nail. Minaya is a great example of how shorter hair and natural gray hair can look so much better! I adore her adorable pixie cut. And I’m not alone in this.

When her husband sees her, he smiles! He even sheds a few tears. They talk in front of the camera, but he can’t take his gaze away from her. Her husband claims she had the same short hair when they dated in high school, and he adores it. “All you need now is a Ramones tee and a black mini skirt!”

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