Although this woman will never be able to have children, her stepdaughter has granted her wish.

Linda Kidney, a British woman, discovered she would never be able to have children after suffering a miscarriage. Her heart was broken by the news, and it took her a long time to recover. Many years later, the 57-year-old woman is grateful that her daughter-in-law fulfilled her main dream of becoming a mother. “Love is more important than blood relation. Linda Kidney, a British woman, was in a lot of pain 31 years ago. She miscarried in the fifth month of her pregnancy.

Doctors told her she would never be able to have children again. The story was told by Lynn, the woman’s daughter-in-law. Her stepmother, she said, was “the most incredible woman” she had ever met. “I had a miscarriage in 1986, which is a very long time ago,” Linda says. – Then everything changed, and no one suggested I have another surgery. A week later, I developed a serious infection that left me with cysts and scars and rendered me unable to have children. There must be something left in the uterus.

No one knew what had happened until my ex-husband and I attempted to conceive again and I failed. The woman’s doctors told her she couldn’t have children after a battery of tests. “I was devastated because I had always wanted to have children. After a long time, I felt better. It’s even worse when you consider how all of this could have been avoided. Because of what the disease has done to me, I am unable to work.

My intestines hurt so much that I have to go to the hospital four or five times a year. But the only thing left to do is accept everything, because you never know what life has in store for you next. Linda and her first husband divorced in the 1990s. She then worked as an office manager at a Nissan dealership. She meets Stephen, an accountant with a 3-year-old daughter named Lynn from a previous marriage, at her new job.

In 1998, a beautiful wedding takes place, and Linda adjusts to her new role as mother-in-law: “It wasn’t easy at first, but Lynn never had any trouble talking to me. We got along great from the start. Even though Lynn lived with her birth mother, we spent every weekend together. Those were always happy and exciting times. I reasoned that there had to be a reason why I couldn’t give birth to my children.

This little girl required care, and I was delighted to devote all of my time and attention to her. People told me, “She’s not yours,” but I didn’t care. Lynn will be my daughter forever.” Lynn outgrew Linda even when they were both three years old. She confided in her mother-in-law about everything she was too embarrassed to tell her own mother, and the two were always close. Lynn married in August of last year, and the “second mom” was delighted to assist with the planning.

Linda and Lynn still spend time together, whether they’re shopping, going to a salon, or simply walking their dogs. Lynn, her stepdaughter, wrote a story about her mother and stated, “My stepmother Linda is the best person I know.” “I’m glad she entered my life when I was three.

“She may not be able to have children because of a very bad miscarriage, but I’m like her daughter, and we’re very close.” “I got married last year, and Linda did everything she could to make the day perfect. She decorated all of the tables and assisted me in making important decisions, such as which wedding gown to purchase. “I want to show her how much she means to me, and that love trumps blood ties,” Lynn wrote.

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