If you are crazy watch this!!! Man Films His Crazy Bus Ride in The Himalayas.

Mountain travel isn’t just about climbing. It’s not always about the drive. That’s what these tourists said after filming their “insane bus ride” through the Himalayas. They’re driving down a dirt road with no guard rails and a width so narrow that only one car can fit.

On one side, there is a steeply sloping mountainside. On the other side, a perilous drop down to a river valley. The man filming asks his friend Rob how far he believes the drop is, and they estimate 2000 feet. When the camera pans down about a minute into the video, viewers get a “bird’s eye view,” which is not for the faint of heart.

They have to come to a halt soon after because, in addition to the width of the road, their vehicle now has to contend with height. The car’s roof rack may become stuck on a rocky enclave, so one of the tour operators exits the van to safely navigate them around the corners.

When he sees this, the man filming declares, “This is the most insane road I have ever been down in my life.” Then there’s the water fall….The men are laughing throughout their experience, which they obviously find exhilarating. For ourselves, we think the drive looks pretty harrowing!

We’re not sure what road in the Himalayas they are travelling on because it isn’t named. Maybe it is part of Rohtang Pass, one of the most dangerous roads in India. It has an elevation of 3978m (13,050 ft) and is so named because of the number of people who have died on it. “Rohtang” means “pile of corpses” in Hindi.

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