For 40 years, he put salt in his coffee. When he died, she his wife  found out the secret reason

To say the least, drinking a cup of coffee with salt is unusual! To be honest, I dislike sugar in my coffee. I like it bitter, much like my life, hehe. There is, however, a science behind why people add salt to their coffee, but this tale has nothing to do with it. This is the tale of a young guy and a young lady who fell in love. It was his first date with the girl, and it took place at a coffee shop.

He was too frightened to say anything. “Would you kindly offer me some salt?” he begged the waitress. “I want to put that in my coffee.” So weird! She lifted her brows! His face changed hues, yet he still sipped his coffee with salt. “When I was a small child, I lived near the sea, I enjoyed playing in the sea, I could sense the flavor of the sea, exactly like the taste of salty coffee,” he said.

Now, every time I take the salty coffee, I remember my childhood, I remember my hometown, I miss my hometown so much, I miss my parents who still live there.” Her eyes were welling up with tears. She was extremely moved by that narrative and subsequently married this young guy. He died after 40 hard years, but not before leaving her a letter: “Dearest,” I say.

Please forgive me, please pardon my whole life lie. The salty coffee was the only untruth I told you. Do you remember our first date? I was so scared at the moment that I wanted sugar, but I muttered salt instead. It was difficult for me to change, so I simply did it. I never imagined that would be the beginning of our conversation! I tried many times in my life to tell you the truth, but I was too terrified since I had sworn not to lie to you for whatever.

Now that I’m dying, I’m frightened of nothing, so I’ll tell you the truth: I don’t enjoy salty coffee. But I’ve been drinking salty coffee my whole life! I’ve never felt guilty for anything I’ve done for you since I met you. Having you alongside me brings me the most joy in my life. If I may live a second time, I still want to know you and have you for the rest of my life, even if it means drinking salty coffee again. Her tears drenched the letter… A few years later, she was asked, “How does salty coffee taste?” “It’s delicious.” She responded.

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