These creative Two sisters’ bought tiny houses that look similar outside and design home to reflect who they are inside. Look at their tiny houses by watching the video below.

Alexis and Ashley live side by side in tiny houses that look nearly identical on the outside. Inside, their homes, however, reflect who they are because they are designed to reflect their lifestyles and personalities. Alexis and Ashley grew up together, moving from their childhood home to a college apartment, but Alex described the experience as “exhausting.” After all, the two ladies aren’t close and have opposing tastes.

Aerial shot of Ashley's and Alexis' tiny house.

When Ashley said she wanted to move and live with her friends in 2018, the sisters shared an apartment in Florida. Alexis realized she couldn’t afford the $1,390 rent on her own, but she was still learning about living in a tiny house at the time. Meanwhile, their mother had recently died, leaving them with life insurance benefits, so Alexis, the elder sister, decided to buy a tiny house.

Ashley, Alexis and Nalini outside their tiny houses.

When she met the builder, she dragged her sister along with her. “I think we toured one house and thought, ‘OK, this is really cool,'” Alexis explained. “Then we went to the second house, and Ashley said, ‘OK, I’m getting a tiny house, too.'” The sisters purchased two identical little houses, each of which was decorated to reflect their distinct personalities.

Ashley's pairs of shoes

They had no idea they would become neighbors. After all, they did not grow up in the same household. After discovering a shared interest in tiny houses, the sisters began to accept their differences. They are now living close to each other, supporting each other while maintaining their respective lifestyles. The ladies pay $475 per month for a lot in the Circle Pond Tiny Home Community in Central Florida. The rent includes sewer and electricity hookups.

Alexis showing her books. She design home with an ample storage for her books.

Ashley’s home, which has a minimalist color palette of black, white, and grey, was built for around $80,000. Her 325-square-foot home has a kitchen, an open living area, a lofted bedroom, and a tub-equipped bathroom. Ashley refers to her tiny house as “The Chef’s Kitchen” because she enjoys cooking. As a result, she primarily designed homes with large, comfortable kitchens.

Nalini and aunt Ashley's Shh Tzu playing.

Her kitchen also has plenty of storage space for cooking tools, utensils, condiments, and spices. Her loft also has a dedicated shoe storage area. She adores shoes but had to give up many pairs in order to relocate. Watch the video below to see their tiny houses.

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