Jennifer Lopez SPEAKS OUT After Heated Exchange With Husband Ben Affleck Was Caught On Camera

Jennifer Lopez has spoken out about her husband, Ben Affleck, after their heated exchange at the Grammy Awards was captured on camera. The couple was seen exchanging tense words at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night in a viral video. According to a lipreader hired by the Daily Mail, Lopez tells her husband, “Stop. Make yourself more approachable. “You appear to be motivated.” Throughout the night, the Batman star maintained a sad or concerned expression, with many commenting that he would rather be somewhere else than watch the ceremony.

“He looks like someone just told him his dog died,” one Twitter user commented. Lopez, 53, has now taken to social media to discuss her husband in what some have called a ‘damage control’ Instagram post. The singer captioned a video montage of moments from the ceremony, “Always the best time with my love, my husband #Grammys… But fans were not convinced, with one person commenting: “The epitome of Instagram happiness vs. real life misery. You can’t judge someone based on their most beautiful and carefully chosen photos…

The actual videos and images from the night, which have been purposefully omitted from this montage, tell a different story. You can’t always believe what you see on Instagram.” “I don’t know, but I get weird vibes from those two,” wrote another. “The fantasy of Jen and Ben does not match the reality,” said a third. Because it was shared after the ’embarrassing’ interaction went viral, some assumed Lopez’s post was a public relations or damage control post. “Damage control post, and he’s still not happy!” One person commented.

“Great P.R since the whole world saw the energy and its written all over your face darling, your shine has faded, and he appears forced to play along… Stay away from the cameras and focus on yourself, both individually and collectively. You won’t appear happy. “You can’t hide energy!” exclaimed another. “Ben isn’t happy,” a third person added. What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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