The doctors advised the father to bring his 9-year-old daughter home, put her to sleep, and let her die. You won’t believe it’s the same person after years of transformation.

Zubaida Hasan, who was nine at the time, had a typical rural Afghan upbringing. However, there was a tipping point in 2001, and things never returned to normal. Zubaida’s small gas stove exploded unexpectedly. The flames she caught spread quickly and caused significant damage. Her face melted into her chest, and an arm became firmly attached to her side. A doctor in the area told Zubaida’s father that the situation was dire and that she was unlikely to survive…

However, Zubaida’s father refused to accept the inevitable, and as a result, a miracle occurred. Following the tragic event, the doctors stated that there was nothing they could do. They advised the girl’s father to take her home, put her to sleep, and let her die. But Zubaida’s father persevered and eventually took a chance. Despite the fact that the US military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital, does not frequently accept civilian patients, he transported Zubaida there.

However, due to the severity of the girl’s condition, doctors made an exception and accepted her. It wasn’t long before Zubaida was airlifted to the United States to receive treatment from renowned burn specialist Dr. Peter Grossman. Zubaida had several surgeries, each of which required a skin graft from a different part of her body. Despite her youth, Zubaida displayed great courage and resolve. Dr. Grossman was taken with Zubaida and the two quickly became close friends.

The plastic surgeon invited her to stay with him and his wife to help her get through this trying time. Zubaida had mastered the English language, enrolled in a local school, and made numerous new friends in just 12 weeks.

Zubaida’s face had been completely rebuilt after only a year, thanks to the hard work of doctors and the girl’s own strength, and she was once again able to sing, play guitar, and dance. Despite the fact that Zubaida’s doctors initially dismissed her as a hopeless case, the youngster was given a second chance at life, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

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