Mom is African, father is Vietnamese: an interracial couple has given the world a daughter whose beauty has conquered the Network.

Love knows no bounds, and the parents of two-year-old Bailey are the best example of this. They were physically separated by borders: the father is Vietnamese, and the mother is African. The offspring of a colorful couple combined all of their best qualities. The girl is as lovely as an angel. Intercultural Beauty Bailey’s parents have started an Instagram account where they post photos of their lovely daughter. The number of subscribers has surpassed 100,000, and they are all complimenting the baby.

Nature rewarded the little beauty with her African mother’s thick, wavy hair and her Vietnamese father’s beautiful eyes with an exquisite slit. One can only imagine how stunning Bailey will be as she grows older. Fans of the girl predict that she will pursue a modeling career in the future. Everyone can admire the baby’s beauty if they go to her parents’ Instagram page and look at the published photos.

Babies are always lovely, but such an unusual combination of genes is extremely uncommon. It’s incredible that Bailey’s parents came from completely different countries but were able to meet, fall in love, and have such a wonderful child.

Young Bailey’s Instagram microblog allows you to follow not only her daily life but also the changing beauty of the baby, which is becoming brighter by the day. Parents can’t get enough of their daughter and try to take as many different fascinating and interesting photos as they can to convey all of the child’s attractiveness.

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