WWII veteran reunites with French mystery woman he met in 1944 – ‘I carried her photo in my wallet for 78 years’

In 1944, a World War II veteran met a mystery woman, but after a brief interaction, they parted ways and never saw each other again. They finally reunited after 78 years and recounted the unforgettable moment they shared during WWII. Reginald Pye, 99, recalled meeting a mysterious French woman. Pye, 21, saw a 14-year-old girl watching him as he was about to eat his dinner, which was canned sardines and bread coated in jam, just two weeks after the Normandy invasion in France.

He approached the hungry girl and offered her his tin of sardines. The girl, on the other hand, shook her head and continued staring at Pye’s jam sandwich. Pye realized the girl wanted the jam sandwich and gave it to her, but she ran away after taking the treat. When he awoke the next morning, his mess tin was full of milk, and the mysterious girl had also left a photo of herself with a note on the back.

This WW2 veteran has been keeping a mystery photo for decades

“My very brief encounter with this young girl will stay with me forever,” Pye said. “In the darkest of times, this brief human interaction had a profound impact on my life.” For 78 years, he kept her photo in his wallet, hoping their paths would cross again. Pye returned to the area where they met in the 1970s, contacting the church and the local vicarage for any information on the mysterious woman.

21-year-old Pye

Unfortunately, his search was unsuccessful, and all hopes of seeing her again vanished. Pye made the long-awaited progress in June 2022 after sharing his story with a taxi driver who took him to D-Day commemorations in Normandy. Pye told him it was his final wish to see the mysterious woman he met 78 years ago. The driver shared it with the press, and after seeing the photo, the woman’s daughter worked with Taxi Charity to organize the reunion.

Pye finally laid eyes on the mystery woman he has been wondering about for nearly 80 years. They met in Northern France, at the woman’s retirement home. Huguette Geoffroy, now 92, recognized Pye after he gave her a jam sandwich, just as he had done in 1944. He also showed her the photograph he had kept in his wallet. With the assistance of an interpreter, the two conversed and recalled their first meeting. “Merci! “Nice to see you after such a long time,” Geoffroy exclaimed.

The elderly veteran holding a photo

“We’ve grown up, but we’re still the same,” she added. Pye offered her a tin of sardines, which she declined, just as she had done 78 years before. Pye was overjoyed to see Geoffroy again and remembered their brief encounter, which had stayed with him for decades. Geoffroy stated that she was “extremely touched” that Pye attempted to track him down and reconnect with her.

She even joked about leaving her boyfriend at the care home to marry Pye. They went on to share their joyous reunion with their extended families. Paul Cook, a charity volunteer, was also overjoyed to see Pye and Geoffroy reunited. “There are no words to express how thrilled I am that Reg has discovered Huguette; this is like a Hollywood blockbuster, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this beautiful story is made into a film,” he said.

Pye handing Geoffroy a jam sandwich

Pye was grateful to everyone who helped organize this reunion. “I can’t believe she’s finally been found, and I’d like to thank everyone who helped make my dream come true, including our friend Emma, our cab driver Paul, and the Taxi Charity’s French adviser Nathalie Varniere.”

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