When this Rich woman wakes up in the morning, she discovers herself lying on the street next to a homeless man.

A heartbroken woman decides to head out for the night, only to wake up in the morning and find herself lying on the street next to a dirty homeless man she’d never met. Sophia Parker was a self-made millionaire who owned a large cosmetics company she built from the ground up. She started dating Peter, an accountant at her company who helped her run the business!

She gifted him a house, motorcycle, two cars, and many other luxuries through the years, thinking they would spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately for her, he abruptly broke up with her one day, claiming she was too powerful for him. “You’re too strong and independent for me. It’s better if we split up,” Peter told her before driving away in the car Sophia had gotten him.

Sophia was devasted. She couldn’t bear being in the house, as everything reminded her of her relationship. She decided to call her friend Shirley and reveal what happened. She invited Shirley to have dinner at a restaurant where she cried the entire night. “I don’t know how I can head home. Every corner of my house reminds me of him,” she sobbed to her friend.

Shirley wanted to accompany her but she had a family she had to go home to, so she started to think of ways for Sophia to numb her pain. “When life becomes too much to handle, I usually take sleeping pills. Do you want some? It could help you cope with the pain,” Shirley offered. Sophia nodded and asked for some, unaware of their side effects. By the time Sophia and Shirley finished their dinner, it was already getting late.

Sophia knew it’d take a couple more minutes until the medicine she took kicked in but decided not to risk driving anyway. She walked on foot so she could get some much-needed fresh air. The night was quiet and warm, and many stars were lighting up the sky. She looked up, suddenly thinking about how nice it’d be to walk the streets alongside Peter at that exact moment.

As she walked toward her house, she decided to stop and sit on the grass in the park nearby. While she sat there in silence, she suddenly felt the pills kicking in and fell asleep. The following morning, Sophia woke up disoriented. As she opened her eyes, she could feel the bright sun blinding her eyes. She moved her legs just a little bit, only to realize she was not on her bed, but rather, laying on the grass.

Sophia begins to panic, sitting straight up. Her expensive business suit was dirtied with soil, and she had no idea how she ended up on the street. “What on earth happened?” she asked herself. Suddenly, she notices a stench that causes her to pinch her nose. She turns around, horrified to see a dirty homeless man lying next to her.

Her eyes widen in horror as she tries to run away, but the man stops her: “don’t you want to tell me something?”Sophia thought the worst of the man until she realized nothing in her body hurt, and she was left unharmed. She decided to ask the man what happened. “Well, last night, I saw you asleep on the grass. Many people tried to rob you, but I protected you by saying you were with me.

I wanted to make sure they didn’t come back, so I stayed beside you to guard you, but I fell asleep too,” the man revealed. At that moment, Sophia checked her purse and saw her money and phone were all still there. She thanked the homeless man for his kindness before calling Shirley, embarrassed.

She didn’t want to walk home in the same clothes she was wearing the previous day, as she was sure her neighbors would start rumors about her. She asked Shirley to get her, and she arrived about half an hour later. Before leaving, Sophia thanked the man again. “Thank you for protecting me. I wish I could give you more than this, but this is all the money I have,” she said, handing him a few bills.

The following evening, while Sophia was driving home from work, she saw the homeless man again. He was on the street, begging for food. After some thought, she decided to take the homeless man to a restaurant for dinner. “Please, it’s the least I could do after what you did for me yesterday,” she told him. She parked her car on the street and walked towards a local diner with the man.

Sophia and the man exchanged greetings as they walked down the street. His name was Jansen, and he was 32 years old, two years Sophia’s senior. Sophia told Jansen he could get whatever he wanted, so he ordered a large and filling lunch, knowing he wouldn’t get another chance to dine at a restaurant.

He told his anecdote while they waited for their food. “I used to be a chemist. I sold my house just a year ago to focus on developing this new anti-aging cream formula that worked for my pals. My pals conned me by stealing all of my work after I invested all of my money in it. After that, I couldn’t find a place to reside “He showed himself.

“They may have made a few thousand dollars selling my things, but they were never able to duplicate them. I’m the only one who knows how to make that formula “He elaborated. Sophia was astonished. She said that she was working on a skincare line for her cosmetics company. “Do you still find chemistry fascinating?

If that’s the case, I’d be delighted to hire you and purchase a patent for your idea in your name “She informed him. Sophia and Jansen couldn’t ignore the palpable chemistry between them as they finished their meal. They discussed their hobbies, businesses, and other miscellaneous topics.

Sophia invited Jansen to come to her office the next day before she left. She gave him the address and a few money so he could reserve a bed at an inn and avoid sleeping on the streets. Jansen took care of his looks that night. He shaved and got a haircut with some of Sophia’s money.

He also bought new clothes, which he wore the next day to Sophia’s office. Sophia almost didn’t recognize him when he arrived at the office. “Are you really you?” she inquired, stunned by the transformation. Sophia couldn’t deny that Jansen was a gorgeous young man. They fell in love and married after getting to know one other.

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