When a bus driver suddenly told a biker to stop in the middle of the street, what happened next is truly heartwarming.

London’s streets can be dangerous for everyone, especially during rush hour, when cars, buses, and motorcycles crowd the streets. Fortunately, there are still drivers who take their time to warn each other about pedestrians crossing busy streets, such as this London bus driver. A biker was moving through heavy London traffic in the video posted by RoyalJordanian. As he got closer to a bus, the bus driver signaled him to slow down by extending his hand out the bus window.

A pedestrian emerged from the front of the bus seconds later and safely crossed the busy street. As the pedestrian crossed the street, the biker turned to face the bus driver, and they shared an incredible moment in which the biker and bus driver gave each other a thumbs up and a fist bump.

The London bus driver’s simple gesture saved both the biker and the pedestrian from a minor mishap. What would have been a minor accident if the bus driver had not kindly alerted the biker about the pedestrian became a wonderful moment that captured the hearts of millions around the world!

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