These Arched Tiny House Kits Begin at $1,000.

Tiny houses are popular, but they are not always as cheap as they appear. However, there are numerous tiny homes available for next to nothing. The Arched Cabins company is located in various cities across the United States, and they offer would-be homeowners access to tiny arched home kits for around $1,000 each. $1,000 will literally get your foot in the door. At this price, you can get the cheapest model that Arched Cabins has.

A 12 20′ cabin costs $3,600, while a 14 20′ cabin costs $4,000. 12 40′ cabins are available for $7,200. When you compare these prices to the average tiny house, you’ll notice that they’re quite reasonable. The more expensive tiny homes are very expensive. In fact, many of them will cost roughly the same as a standard-sized home. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of downsizing in the first place?

Larger cabins are also available in a variety of sizes, allowing prospective homeowners to make the best decision for their specific needs. Even the larger kits are very affordable when compared to the prices of the average tiny house. While these Arched Cabins models are fairly standard, you can customize them to your liking. Your choices will be influenced by your intended use of space.

Whether you want to improve your campground accommodations or build a picture-perfect hunting lodge, the good people at Arched Cabins have got you covered. They also make an excellent guest house or art studio. The possibilities are virtually limitless, and your mind will spin when you consider all of the activities that can be carried out in these living spaces.

Arched Cabins is here to assist you if you are considering making the investment. You can visit their website at any time to see all of the tiny homes that they have to offer. The Arched Cabins website also has pricing and a full photo gallery of the homes. If you’ve been thinking about downsizing but can’t justify the costs of traditional tiny homes, this could be the option for you.

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