During the day, they are just regular boys. However, their bodies change at night.

Abdul Rashid and Shoaib Ahmed are brothers from Pakistan. Abdul is nine years old, and his brother is thirteen years old. The boys are afflicted with a rare and mysterious disease. They appear completely normal during the day. They simply “turn off” when the sun goes down. This is not a dream, but rather a coma in which the children are completely paralyzed and unable to communicate despite hearing what is going on around them.

The boys’ father refers to them as “children of the sun,” as he believes they receive energy from the sun. Surprisingly, even in a dark room, the boys feel completely normal during the day. They don’t notice any difference even on a rainy day when the sun is hidden behind clouds. “We feel it is our duty to find out what is going on,” says Dr. Javed Akram of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, who is a professor of medicine.

Our experts have conducted numerous tests to determine why these boys, who are so active during the day, lose all strength at night and are unable to open their eyes.” Mohammad Hashim, the boys’ father, is already desperate to learn what mystical ailment is afflicting his children. He is a superstitious man who believes that his sons have been cursed. As a result, he seeks healers and healers for them in the hope that they will be able to repair the damage,

and actively introduces his sons to religion. The brothers have already passed over 300 studies and tests, but no one knows what is causing their extraordinary condition. Doctors believe this is the result of a genetic anomaly caused by incest: the boys’ parents are cousins. They had six children, two of whom died when they were young. The boys have two sisters, but the mystical disease appears to have passed them by.

Physicians all over the world are perplexed by the “sunny boys” mystery. So far, doctors have only been able to devise a course of therapy that allows the boys to maintain some strength rather than go completely vegetative at night. The brothers can now stay active until 10 p.m., whereas they used to fall into a coma as soon as the sun set. “They are already much better, and we really hope that the treatment will completely cure them,” the father says.

Despite their mysterious illness, Abdul and Shoaib continue to be normal boys, active and restless. They admit to enjoying the attention of doctors and the press, as well as the delicious food provided during research. The brothers have a lot of plans for the future: Shoaib wants to be a teacher, and Abdul wants to continue his religious education.

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