Woman Transforms Old Camper Into A Pink Glamping Mobile For Less Than $700

Some of us are simply natural born creatives. You can give them any project and they will complete it with ease. The photos you’re about to see are hard to believe, but trust us when we say they’re real. Emma Mouley is a British mother who decided to embark on a renovation project for the ages. Her 1989 Compass Omega Caravan required conversion, so she decided to completely transform it.

The entire procedure cost her approximately $670 in US dollars. The camper (also known as Bertha) cost around the same amount ($600 US). This is one investment that has certainly paid off handsomely! On the day Emma brought it home, it looked very different than it does now. Her friends and family must have been taken aback when they learned more about her transformation. Bertha appeared to be quite old and in need of repair, if we’re being honest.

The camper lacked personality. Emma finally decided that she had enough and we are happy that she made this choice. We are obsessed with the before and after photos. This story should inspire many of us to take on home improvement projects that we have been putting off. You already know how it goes. We keep saying things like “one of these days” and “at some point,” but we still sit on our buttocks.

What excuse do the rest of us have if Emma can turn this dingy camper into a chic new trailer? She set up an Instagram account to document her transformation and other aspects of her life. The camper was thoroughly cleaned, given a fresh coat of paint, and some modern flourishes were added. Emma’s project was completed quickly, and the living space now appears to be brand new. She even installed a new floor and bunk beds.

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