How this 3-Year-Old’s Picture Day For Preschool And It Goes Viral?

Nicole Bartlett made sure her 3-year-old daughter Alina was ready for the camera on her daughter’s preschool picture day. So, while the resulting photo was not what Nicole had hoped for, it had the internet cheering!

Nicole Bartlett tells Inside Edition about her confusion about what went wrong between getting ready at home and picture time. She’d dressed Alina in a sweet pink-and-white striped dress and leggings. She’d combed and styled her daughter’s long, blond hair. She appears to have even practiced her smile for the camera. Unfortunately, a lot can happen in a few hours at preschool!

Mom was disappointed when the pictures from preschool picture day arrived. Nicole was perplexed as to what had gone wrong. Perhaps the wind was particularly strong in Syracuse, New York, on that particular day. Maybe Miss Alina worked extra hard. Her teacher assumed she was simply “moving a lot.” That could be relative because preschoolers are all very active! In any case, Alina’s hair looks like it was photographed by an 80s rock star—big it’s and wild!

School photos are quickly taken as moms arrive to learn. Years ago, children were given neat, black combs to use before their shot. That no longer exists, most likely for a variety of good reasons. Even if it was, 3-year-old Alina could have made matters worse. In any case, she had to have had more important things on her mind when her big but brief moment arrived.

Mom Nicole appears to have taken everything in stride. That’s a good thing, because more school photo flops are bound to happen in the future. Fights over clothing, withheld or fake smiles, and unusual hairstyles and make-up choices are all possibilities in her future. But for the time being, the image is perfect!

Nicole will appreciate this photo more than most as the years roll on. Her girlie is joyful and free from stress! She looks like a happy and healthy darling, and the crazy hair will make for a wonderful story one day!And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

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