The boy became a blood donor for his sister. As they lay side by side, the doctors heard a question they would never forget

A doctor named Jim Clark told the world this story. Lizzie, a five-year-old girl, was in critical need of a blood transfusion. Doctors determined that the girl’s twin brother would be the best donor. Not only because they share the same blood type, but also because he had previously suffered from the same disease and recovered completely.

His blood contained antibodies that had the potential to save Lizzie’s life. The boy hesitated at first when the doctor asked if he was willing to share his blood with his sister. The boy agreed after the doctor explained that this was the only way to save Lizzy. However, neither the doctor nor the parents were aware at the time that the child did not fully comprehend what was expected of him.

A blood transfusion was performed by the doctors. Lizzie’s face had returned to a flush as the two twins lay side by side, and the doctor was pleased. When the procedure was finished, the boy looked the doctor in the eyes and asked a question he would never forget. “Today I performed surgery on a young girl. She required negative blood group one. We didn’t have her, but her twin brother shared the same blood type.

It was a matter of life and death, I explained. He sat quietly for a moment before getting up and saying goodbye to his parents. I didn’t place much weight on it. But when we were done, the boy asked, “And when will I die?” He believed he was sacrificing his life for his sister. Thank goodness they’re both fine.” The boy thought he was giving his life for his sister by giving her his blood. He agreed without saying anything. Naturally, the doctors assured him that he would not die.

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