‘It’d Be Better Without You!’ Teen yells at Mom, then vanishes the next day

When a teenager became irritated by his single mother’s love and affection, he retaliated by saying hurtful things that no mother would want to hear. The next morning, he awoke to discover that his mother had mysteriously vanished. What happened to her? Sarah couldn’t believe her wish had finally come true when she married the love of her life in her early twenties. She had always wanted to live with the man of her dreams, but she had no idea how short-lived her happiness would be.

She had her first child, Joe, a year after marrying and imagined raising him with her husband. The couple adored their son, prayed for his future, and worked tirelessly to give him the best of everything. Sarah couldn’t believe her wish had finally come true when she married the love of her life in her early twenties. She had always wanted to live with the man of her dreams, but she had no idea how short-lived her happiness would be.

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She had her first child, Joe, a year after marrying and imagined raising him with her husband. The couple adored their son, prayed for his future, and worked tirelessly to give him the best of everything. She was living her best life with her husband and son until she received a call from the hospital and learned that the love of her life had been killed in a car accident.

“We’re so sorry, but we were unable to save your husband,” the doctors said a few hours later. “There wasn’t much we could do because the impact was so severe.”
Sarah’s throat tightened and tears streamed down her cheeks. She could feel her whole body trembling with fear because she had never imagined life without her husband. Her entire world came crashing down at that moment, and there was nothing she could do to save herself.

Her husband’s unexpected death instilled in her a newfound fear of losing Joe, which made her love him even more. She spoiled him, cooked him meals, and showered him with love, assuming that it would make him happy. Sarah’s feelings for Joe grew stronger over time. Sarah imposed many restrictions on her teenage son, in addition to cooking fresh meals for him four times a day, doing all of his chores, and driving him to and from school.

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Despite knowing how children become rebellious after puberty, Sarah had no idea her overprotectiveness was causing her son to drift apart. Joe would play outside with his friends after school every day, but Sarah would always make him return before sunset. She was concerned that staying outside after dark was unsafe, but the teenager never understood his mother’s concerns. He was always arguing with her, trying to persuade her to let him play more, but he was never successful.

“MOM, I’M SICK OF YOUR LOVE!” Joe yelled without hesitation. Joe grew to dislike his mother over time. He would lie to her and spend time at school with older boys. He saw them bully others, make derogatory remarks, and break rules. He soon became a member of their gang, while Sarah was unaware of his evil company. Joe was afraid that if he invited his mother to a school event, she would do something embarrassing.

Joe would never forget the day his mother came to watch him play football because her actions made him feel so uneasy. Joe was sitting with his teammates during halftime, discussing team strategy, when he noticed his mother approaching him with a pie in her hand. “Oh no!” he exclaimed as his cheeks began to flush. “Is that your mother?” enquired a teammate.

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“That’s so cute!” exclaimed another boy. Joe wished the earth would split apart and swallow him at that point because seeing his mother run towards him in the middle of the field was nothing short of a nightmare for him. He was extremely embarrassed and wanted to go home right away. Another incident occurred a few weeks later, and Joe felt embarrassed in front of his friends. Instead of talking to his mother about his feelings, he yelled at her in front of everyone.

“I don’t want all of this, Mom!” he yelled at her as his friends looked on. “Why do you always make me look bad in front of my friends?” Sarah stood there silently watching her son yell at her. She couldn’t believe he would scream at her, let alone disrespect her in front of everyone. His actions shattered her confidence, and she walked slowly back to her car, waiting for her son to arrive so they could return home.

Sarah didn’t say anything during the car ride. Meanwhile, Joe was texting his friends, smiling as he sent them amusing messages. He didn’t realize how upset his mother was, and he didn’t apologize to her. “You have no right to treat me that way, Joe!” Sarah finally broke her silence when they arrived home. She yelled at him, hoping he would feel ashamed and apologize, but what he did next surprised her.

“MOM, I’M SICK OF YOUR LOVE!” Joe yelled without hesitation. He argued with her, attempting to convince her that she was wrong. Joe yelled near the end of their fight: “I’d rather not have you in my life!” Sarah’s heart was pierced by her son’s words. She was hurt because she had devoted her life to caring for Joe, while he desired that she leave. Later that night, the single mother decided to grant his wish, and Joe awoke the next morning with no idea where his mother was.

Joe discovered Sarah had vanished after searching the entire house. He called her several times, but she never returned his calls or read his messages. He exclaimed, “I think I know where she is!” before dialing his grandmother’s number. He was aware that Sarah paid frequent visits to her mother-in-law. “Hey, Grandma!” he exclaimed. “Do you have any idea where Mom is? Is she present with you?” “No, sweetheart,” said Joe’s grandmother. “She isn’t here.”

He went into his room to play video games, assuming she would return soon. Joe had the entire house to himself on a Sunday morning. He took advantage of the situation to enjoy his freedom. He went out with his friends, came home late, ate fast food, and fell asleep. Joe awoke the next morning believing his mother had returned. When he couldn’t find her anywhere, his heart skipped a beat.

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It was difficult for him to prepare for school without Sarah present. She used to make him freshly prepared pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches, but she was no longer there. Joe opened the fridge, sad, but it was empty. Instead of food, he discovered a piece of paper. “When your mother is not present, you must prepare food for yourself. Best wishes!” ” Joe read the note aloud and realized it had been left for him by his mother.

Despite his desire for a lavish breakfast, Joe poured milk into his bowl of cereal, recalling how his mother always prepared fresh food for him. “WHAT?” Joe’s feet stomped on the floor. “I cannot believe it!” Joe went to get ready for school after finishing his breakfast. He rummaged through his closet for a clean shirt, only to discover that they were all in the laundry.

“What should I wear now?” he stomped into the laundry room, enraged. He discovered another note on top of the pile of his dirty shirts. “Now you have to clean your clothes with your hands, Joe,” he read aloud, shaking his head in dismay. He wore a dirty shirt to school after spraying a lot of perfume because he didn’t know how to use the washing machine or wash his clothes with his hands.

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Joe went into the garage after getting ready because Sarah drove him to school every day. When he approached the vehicle, he realized his mother wasn’t there. Another note was stuck to the car’s windshield, he noticed. Joe took the bus to school, met his friends, but didn’t tell them anything about his mother. He returned home after a bad day to find a video message from his mother on his phone.

“Hello, Joe!” she exclaimed as she sat inside a resort. “Because you didn’t want me to interfere in everything you do, I decided to take a few days off from my motherly duties.”Joe exclaimed as he watched the video of her. He couldn’t believe she was having a good time at a resort. “If you want a life without your mother, you’ll get it,” she went on. “I saw to it that your wish was granted, honey. Have a good time!”

“WHAT?” Joe’s feet stomped on the floor. “I cannot believe it!” Rather than responding to Sarah’s message, Joe went straight to his grandmother’s house to tell her everything. He expected her to assist him, but he was mistaken. “Grandma, I’m starving!” he exclaimed. “Take a look at my clothes! Today I wore a dirty shirt because Mom decided to relax at a resort. That’s not right!” “Oh, Joe, I’m so sorry,” she said. “I’m afraid I can’t assist you because I’m not feeling well.”

“Grandma, what happened?” Joe inquired, concerned. “You know Sarah comes here every weekend to give me a massage,” Joe’s grandmother replied. “Could you do it on her behalf? When I feel better, I’ll wash your clothes and feed you.” “Oh, God!” Joe screamed, his hands on his brow. “I can’t! I can’t!” He jumped to his feet and dashed outside his grandmother’s house. “I’m leaving!” he yelled as he dashed towards his house. Meanwhile, his grandmother laughed and dialed Sarah’s number. “Lesson learned!” she exclaimed, laughing. “That boy misses you terribly, Sarah.”

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Sarah had planned everything with her mother-in-law in order to teach Joe a lesson. Sarah told his grandmother about it after he misbehaved with her in front of his friends. Sarah went to a resort the next day to film a video message for Joe after visiting the elderly lady as she did every Sunday.

Sarah’s plans included not answering his calls, leaving notes, and telling Joe’s grandmother not to help him. She wanted to teach him a lesson and was confident that her plan would be successful. Joe was returning home with his friends after playing football later that evening when they told him they wanted to pay him a visit. They expected Sarah to surprise him with a freshly baked pie, but when she didn’t show up, they were disappointed.

“We love your mother, Joe!” exclaimed the leader of his group. “I don’t have a mother, but if I did, she would be like yours. She’s so sweet. She genuinely cares about you.” “I agree!” said another friend. “Your mother does so much for you. She makes you feel extremely special.” Joe couldn’t help but feel bad after hearing what his friends had to say. His eyes welled up as he realized how disrespectful he had been to his mother.

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He was sorry for yelling at her in public and at home. I’m truly sorry, Mom. Please come back, he thought. Joe went inside his house after his friends had left and began cleaning up the mess he had made in his room and kitchen. He washed his clothes in the washing machine after watching a few YouTube tutorials. Meanwhile, he went to the kitchen and made himself pasta using a recipe he found on the internet.

While he was cooking, he heard the door open and saw Sarah walk in. “Mom!! You’ve returned!” Joe exclaimed and rushed over to embrace her. “I sincerely apologize for everything I said.” Sarah smiled as she wrapped her arms around him. “It’s all right, Joe. It’s fine, “She stroked his back. “I love you, Mom!” he exclaimed. “You make me whole. I can’t go a single day without you.” Sarah was moved to tears as she witnessed her son apologize. She forgave him and made him promise not to make the same mistakes again. “Mom, I promise! I will never abuse you, “He stated.

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