A police officer detained a soldier who appeared to be his son, who had never returned from the army…

Losing a child is one of the most terrible things that no parent should, yet many have to, go through. May it be war, a disease, or an accident, death is something that no one welcomes, especially when the victim is young. For William Jazwinski, what seemed like another ordinary day, changed entirely as he noticed a police car with flashing lights in the rearview mirror. He immediately pulled over and was surprised, as he didn’t do anything wrong!

The policeman then walked up to his car and William had no choice but to roll down his window. At that point, he was still wondering if he was by any chance driving too fast. As it turned out, he hadn’t. The reason why the officer pulled him over was to thank him for his military service. That’s when William realized what was going on because he remembered that he had an army bumper sticker on the back of his car.

The two then struck up a conversation, and the officer inquired as to where the young man served. William informed him that he had been in Iraq for 15 months. As a result of this discovery, the officer began to open up. His son, he said to William, was also serving in Iraq but never returned home.

The young man was moved by his story, and his emotions took over. The officer then spotted something else. The dashboard of William’s car had an American flag identical to the one he received following his son’s death. As a result, the cop broke down and asked William for a hug.

“You make me think of my son.” I had you pulled over. I mistook you for him. “I still can’t believe he’s gone most days,” he said. William jumped out of the car and hugged the officer. That’s when they both let go completely and started crying.

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