The girl had hoped to lose another 100 kilograms after discovering she couldn’t bear a child.

Monica Riley of Fort West weighed nearly 318 kilograms at the age of 28. She was deliberately gaining weight in order to become the world’s fattest woman. A woman consumes approximately 10,000 calories per day. Her daily diet consisted of four McChicken sandwiches, as many double cheeseburgers, thirty nuggets, a massive plate of pasta, and a couple of kilograms of ice cream. This list could go on indefinitely. Monica ate nonstop the entire time.

Riley has second-degree diabetes in addition to being the world’s largest woman. She couldn’t get around the room without assistance. Getting out of bed became an insurmountable challenge for her. Monica also has a loving husband, Sid, who is of average appearance. Sid, by the way, is already used to spoon-feeding his wife. Bringing the spoon to her mouth was painful for her.

The woman desired to have children with her husband. However, the woman miscarried twice. Riley was taken aback by the news. She only blamed herself. But not because of its enormous size, but because it was unhealthy. Her diabetes was thought to be the cause of her miscarriages. “I don’t care how I appear. “However, only a healthy woman can give birth to a healthy child,” Monica reflected.

She decided to take care of her own health as soon as she found out she was pregnant for the third time. She needed to lose weight in order to do so. Riley lost up to 91 kilograms in just ten weeks. She claims it was the most difficult test of her life. “There are people addicted to alcohol, there are drug addicts, and I suffer terribly without food. “It’s a drug to me,” Riley says. She had to completely change her diet, get enough sleep, and even do some light physical exercise.

The woman’s current weight is 226 kilograms. Throughout her pregnancy, the woman prayed for her child’s health. The doctors claimed that the fetus was developing normally. He has a rapid heartbeat. Riley was relieved. Monica’s dream came true in early October. She gave birth to a girl named Michelle Elizabeth in the thirty-third week of her pregnancy.

The baby was born healthy, despite its small size (2.5 kg). The Rileys were overjoyed with the baby’s birth. Monica now shares photos of her baby on social media with her friends. After the birth of the first child, the chubby American is already planning a large family with many children.

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