True love keeps a 90-year-old man biking 10.5 miles daily to visit his wife in hospice

True love stories are always inspiring and heartwarming to read. In a society where divorce and separation are common, hearing about true love stories is reassuring because they demonstrate that staying with your loved one until the end is still possible. The story of Peter Burkhardt, a 90-year-old Dutchman, is a living example of true love.

Peter, telling that he travels every day on bike to see his wife.

Clara, his wife, has dementia and requires hospice care to receive the care she requires. Unfortunately, she could only go to one hospice, which was more than ten miles away from her home. He pays daily visits to his 63-year-old wife, who is a hospice patient in Apeldoorn, despite the fact that the distance between them has increased to 10.5 miles.

He rides his bike across town by himself most days, but when the weather is bad, he hires a taxi or is chauffeured by his children. He cycles there and back in two hours, but that time may increase if the winds are strong. From his home in Diepenveen, Peter cycles through the Deventer Zwolseeweg roundabout, scanning the area to his left and right. He climbs a steep slope after crossing a railroad bridge and takes a straight road to his destination.

Peter, wearing his blue ski suit and on his bike, ready to hit the road to see his true love.

According to UpWorthy, Peter has been visiting Apeldoorn for seven years. To keep warm during the winter, he wears a blue ski suit, a body warmer, and a white cap. “I’ve done skiing for fun. “Cold doesn’t bother me, and rain is manageable with a rain jacket,” he told the Dutch newspaper De Stentor. “As a result, I’ll always get to my wife.” Peter has been driving to his wife’s hospice for seven years, so he knows the route like the back of his hand.

Peter stated that he must accept the situation as it is because he wants to be with his wife every day and not miss her. “I used to do it by car. “However, I alternated it with the bike,” Peter concluded. Peter hasn’t had a car in a long time, and his license application was turned down. But his true love for his wife is unbreakable, according to My Modern Met.

Even though his life has changed since his wife entered hospice care, he continues to ride his trusty tricycle. “I walk less now, but my cycling is still going well.” Peter claims that his wife is not aware of his daily efforts to spend time with her. His wife has no idea, but every time he visits, she always greets him with a warm hug.

Peter, telling that nothing can stop him from seeing his true love every day.

His children have encouraged him to continue his daily journey to see their mother because the route is safe, though the bike path could be improved. “I believe they keep each other alive by doing this. “I hope my father’s example inspires others,” his son, Wouter, said. Others have been moved by Peter’s story of true love and dedication. In the end, he has given up everything to be as close to the woman he loves as possible.

“I’d like to see her and hear her voice. When I walked into the nursing home, I knew exactly where she was. “She’s not the same as she used to be,” Burkhardt said. “However, I’m still in love with her.” Many elderly people are separated from their spouses in order to receive necessary care, such as hospice care, which can cause significant emotional distress. Meanwhile, it is heartwarming to see that Peter and Clara’s true love has not changed despite their years apart, but has only grown deeper.

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