This amazing single level modern tiny house has given this couple their dream home: ‘Happy Place’. Check out the video below to take a tour inside this gorgeous home

The couple from Waikato, New Zealand, decided to downsize after considering their priorities and what they truly desired from life. And they realized their goals were simple: to be able to go to the beach and live on a farm without spending a million dollars….

Modern single-level tiny house on a farm

Russel and Leah’s dream has now come true. They now call their “happy place” a stunning single-level modern tiny home on Leah’s best friend’s farm. Leah has been coming to that farm for over 40 years, and when her best friend bought it, she said they were welcome to build their tiny house there.

Modern single-level tiny house

With both of them working stressful jobs—Russel as a police detective and Leah as a social worker specializing in vulnerable youth—having a place to unwind was essential for them. For more than three years, the couple worked with a company to design their modern tiny house on wheels. And, judging by the outcome, it was well worth the wait. Take a look at the video below to get a look inside this stunning home.

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