Woman builds a ‘luxury tiny home’ in her backyard and then fully rents out her main house. Take a look inside

You only need a few resources and a little creativity to help you cut a significant portion of your expenses. This is what an Atlanta, Georgia woman did when she realized she had plenty of space in her backyard. Precious Price paid $196,00 for a 1,400-square-foot, three-bedroom house in Atlanta, Georgia. She used Airbnb to earn extra money because her job required her to travel frequently.

Precious smiling on her camera and talking about her backyard shed tiny house.

However, during the early stages of the pandemic in 2020, her business slowed because guests did not want to share a house with a stranger. Furthermore, she no longer travels for work. “I was living by myself in a house that felt too big,” she explained. Meanwhile, in May of the same year, while looking out her kitchen window at her backyard, she realized she could build a tiny house and live in it while fully renting out her main home.

Front view of Precious' blue shed tiny house with white door and windows and stained wood balcony.

As a result, she obtained all necessary permits from the city planning office, purchased a shed, and hired a local contracting firm to work on the concrete slab foundation, according to NBC Boston. They began construction on the 296-square-foot tiny house in October 2020 and plan to finish it by March of the following year. The prefabricated shed structure, materials, and labor costs totaled $35,000 for her tiny house.

Movable table by the day bed made of black frame and glass.

Instead of taking out a bank loan, Precious said she put around $20,000 on credit cards and cashed out $8,000 in stocks to pay for everything. The following year, she was able to pay off her debt. “I rented out my primary residence and rented a room from a neighbor for $300 per month while the house was being built,” she explained. The breakfast or kitchen nook is beneath the TV, where two people can eat next to the window and enjoy the view outside.

The microwave and induction cooktop in nex to the fridge.

A full-size fridge with enough space for many foods sits next to the nook. More counter space, an induction cooktop, and a microwave oven await you in the kitchen. Follow Precious on Instagram to learn more about her, and watch the video below to take a tour of her luxurious backyard shed tiny house.

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