‘I Caught My Husband CHEATING And I Felt SICK TO MY STOMACH After What I Heard Through Hidden Phone Recording,’ she says.

A mother shared her anguish after discovering her husband cheating on her and feeling sick to her stomach after hearing his conversation with the mistress. The 50-year-old wife explained on Mumsnet that she has been with her husband since she was 17. “I discovered three years ago that my husband was having an affair; he had been with this mistress for four years at that point, and I foolishly thought I could change him and that he would be eternally grateful to me for giving him a chance,” she wrote.

She stated that her husband witnessed her breakdown and inability to function properly, but she was able to pull herself together because she believed he would change. Everything was fine until she discovered her husband’s second phone, on which she discovered flirtatious text messages between her husband and another woman. “I confronted him, but he said they were only fooling her and that he never went to her house, so with Christmas approaching, I just tried to forget about it and concentrate on having a happy house for the children,” she continued.

When she asked if he was still talking to the woman, he became defensive. “I knew he’d never be honest, so I put a voice recorder under his car seat and lo and behold, there was the entire S*X session” (this was with the most recent woman). “I listened to it all, and it’s as if a switch in my head went off, and I suddenly don’t want him anymore,” she wrote. “He met her three times in one week while I was at night work. He is unaware that I am aware of this because I am unsure how to confront him.

I want him to leave the house because I’ll never take him back.” Hundreds of people have commented on her post, with one saying, “This is awful OP. I’m sorry you’ve had this shock, and I hope you get a lot of support here; it must be difficult. What a level of treachery.” What are your thoughts on the matter? Tell us in the comments, and SHARE this story with your friends and family!

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