They build 49 tiny homes for homeless veterans. Take a look inside!

Returning to civilian life is tough for most veterans. Many find themselves suffering from mental health issues, struggling to access healthcare, jobs, and ultimately, homes. Thanks to some non-profit organizations some are given the help they badly need. After putting their lives on the line, our veterans deserve to live good lives. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for many of them, so a non-profit in Kansas City, Missouri, decided to take action.

A veteran on the porch of his home in the VCP Village built by a non-profit

The Veterans Community Project (VCP), founded by Chris Stout, an Army veteran; Kevin Jamison, a Marine veteran; and Mark Solomon, a Navy reservist, built a small city comprised of 49 tiny homes. The location covers just a few blocks of Kansas City and provides free-living to veterans in need of a home. Each house is between 240 to 320 square feet. It’s small, but every home meets local zoning laws and has full utilities.

Veterans can transition from homelessness to a life where their basic needs are satisfied with these little houses. These homes are equipped with all of the necessities, including a bed, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a small living area. It’s not much, yet it’s enough to make someone feel at ease. The beautiful thing about this program is that when a veteran is ready to move out, they may take all of their belongings with them.

An aerial view of the VCP Village in Kansas City built by non-profit organization

The residence is restored with new appliances every time a new veteran comes in. Veterans are also permitted to reside with their dogs, which adds to the community’s joy and friendliness. There are a lot of cute furry companions to play with and pet in the neighborhood because many of them own dogs. Dogs, according to the VCP’s creators, contribute to a stronger feeling of community in the area.

Case managers are also trained by the non-profit to assist veterans in all facets of their lives. They assist individuals with their health and well-being, financial literacy, job search, and the formation of a personal support network. This project component is truly life-changing for many soldiers who return from their tours with little to no support.

Volunteers from a non-profit organization working on the VCP Village in Kansas City

Wes Williams, the director of veterans services at VCP, explained, “This isn’t simply an opportunity to receive a couple of months and then you’re back in an apartment or something like that.” “This is a great time for you to take a big breath, exhale, and re-learn how to dream.” The VCP’s founders are dedicated to improving the lives of veterans in Missouri.

In Kansas City alone, they have the VCP Village and The Veteran Outreach Center, where veterans can seek help in claiming their benefits, accessing food pantries, getting referrals for mental and physical health services, and many other types of support. The veterans who have lived in the VCP Village said that it has truly changed their lives. The material assistance given to them is wonderful, but more than that, the emotional support and kindness they’ve been receiving through this program has significantly impacted them as well.

A veteran with his dog in a non-profit village

Here’s what one veteran said about living in the community: “I’ve never had anyone do anything for me. I’ve always been the one to do for my family and my friends – but this is incredible…Now how blessed can you be in this life?” Helping veterans get back on their feet is a worthy cause that should be replicated across the country. Hopefully, we get to see more initiatives like this in other cities.

To learn more about this non-profit amazing project, please take time to watch the video below:

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