Utah twins who were born joined at the chest mark 7 healthy years since their separation surgery

At the end of the winter of 2002, Jake and Erin Herrin had two girls, Kendra and Malia. This event caused mixed feelings: the babies turned out to be Siamese twins. On the one hand, the parents were very happy about the appearance of their daughters in the family, and on the other — worried about their future fate. For four years, Kendra and Malia had one life for two, but their parents wanted to give them the opportunity to live independently and decided to separate them. The girls have only two legs and each could control one.

They gradually adapted and could walk and even run without problems. In 2006, an operation was performed to separate the twins. 31 doctors were involved, who worked on the girls for more than a day. Soon the media found out about this event and Kendra and Malia became little celebrities.

It’s been 14 years since the twins have been living on their own. Of course, they had to get used to living in a new way, but gradually they adapted. Girls go to school, and sometimes the training takes place at home.

The girls also demonstrated talent: they both enjoy drawing and are not awful at it. Kendra and Malia have set a good example for their peers by demonstrating that there are no hopeless scenarios. They are regarded as school heroes, and their classmates hold them in high regard. The girls are now 18 years old, and this is how they appear. The sisters enjoy a full life; they can move apart from one other and live in different areas.

The girls completed driving school and are excellent drivers. The sisters have a YouTube channel and social media profiles where they post about intriguing happenings in their lives. Tens of thousands of people follow the twins on social media. The Herrin sisters interact with the mother of Kelly and Carter, Siamese twin girls. They give her advise and help the babies in every way they can based on personal experience. Kelly and Carter are also preparing to break up, but their parents have yet to make a decision.

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