6-Year-Old Girl Draws Mommy-Daughter Dresses, Which Mom Then Turns Into Reality In A Novel Way

Many parents make something memorable to bring their children’s ideas to life. Because of their active imagination, children are naturally creative. They can generate new ideas and incorporate them into their play to make more connections. So when this 6-year-old girl drew a rainbow dress, her proud mother wasted no time in turning her vision into a reality.

The mother, who goes by the Twitter handle FashionOnPoint, posted a photo of her daughter standing next to the beautiful dress and wrote, “This was designed by my 6 year old.” The flowy rainbow skirt and the blue bodice with a big red heart are to die for. In another tweet, the proud mother shared a photo of herself and her daughter dressed alike. “A dress designed by my 6-year-old daughter. “I finally finished it for her…” she wrote.

People praised the loving mother for supporting her daughter’s ideas after she shared the beautiful photos on social media. “I want to be this mom,” one person said. bring my baby’s visions to life.” “Absolutely awesome!” wrote another. Please, Mom, nurture her talent.” “Her talent is amazing,” said a third. “And the heart is there,” someone else added. “How comforting.”

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