The baby is mocked because of her unusual appearance, but her mother is proud of her child.

A one-year-old girl is mocked or pitied mercilessly because of a non-standard birthmark, and her mother is unable to accept this. The woman is certain: such a feature is a “kiss of an angel,” not a flaw. She now wishes to demonstrate to everyone that wine stains are beautiful and should not be hidden. Marianne Bowering, 27, is an Adelaide resident who works as a beautician and has a daughter named Angelica with her husband Corey.

The baby is only a year old, but even if she is unaware, she already has fans and detractors on the Internet. Angelica was born with a distinctive purple birthmark on her face. This feature is known as a port-wine stain, a flaming nevus, or even an angel kiss, and it is associated with capillary misalignment and development. Because they do not affect the internal organs, doctors consider such spots to be among the most harmless vascular pathologies.

The most common location for port-wine stains is the face, but they can appear anywhere on the body. The baby’s mother told the Daily Mail that she and her husband were unconcerned about her daughter once they were convinced that the stain was not associated with any developmental delays or that it affected her eyes. Angelica is in excellent health and has regular check-ups.

Marianna notices the stain on her daughter’s face and prefers the name “angel’s kiss” to the others. She believes that this is a part of the girl’s unique beauty that should be displayed to others rather than kept hidden. The woman even made an Instagram page for Angelica to demonstrate that birthmarks are not a flaw. I believe it is critical to educate people about this condition and to normalize it in society.

We rarely see people with such features on television or in newspapers. However, not all social media commentators see Angelica’s birthmark calmly. Haters and trolls frequently leave comments under the girl’s photos, making her mother uncomfortable. They physically harm the child. She’s only two years old, and it’s disgusting. Some of the bad jokes on the baby’s page appear to be truly awful.

Everyone will stare and laugh at her, and not a single guy will like her; I would be devastated if this were my child. Angelica’s face often scares commentators, who believe she will never have a boyfriend. Some people also don’t understand why a mother puts her daughter on display and appears to highlight her feature. I don’t think a mark is necessary to draw attention to her face. That’s all there is to it. Don’t be offended; you’re a wonderful mother!

Whatever they say, I don’t care. I don’t want to keep my daughter hidden from others because of this. I think she’s lovely. The most heinous was when a football player told me she was “defective” during a game. He just said it and walked away. I was taken aback. Furthermore, many people express sympathy for the baby and her parents or make inappropriate compliments.

What irritates me the most is when people tell me that when she gets older, she can just put on makeup. Why should she keep it hidden? Maybe she doesn’t want to be self-conscious about her appearance! Marianne is annoyed when commentators on the Internet write that her daughter is “beautiful anyway”, because such compliments mean “despite the defect”. As her daughter grows older, the woman will show her that the port wine stain makes her beautiful and unique, and that she should be proud of her unique appearance.

Marianne, on the other hand, is concerned about Angelica. I’m concerned about what she might face at school. I hope that by then, people will have become more educated and enlightened. This mother, on the other hand, has complete faith in her daughter. She’s a brave little girl who isn’t afraid of anything. I’m confident she’ll be fine. She is so much more than her birthmark. She is a real person.

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