‘Dear Jesus, Please Help Them’: Meteorologist’s Heartfelt Prayer On-Air Saves Lives

Last week’s devastating tornado that swept through parts of Mississippi caused chaos and tragedy. The prayer of a Christian meteorologist is being credited with saving lives and providing comfort to those affected. WTVA-TV Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan was delivering a storm report on Friday night when he noticed the severity of the incoming tornado. “Dear Jesus, please help them,” he said, pausing with a worried sigh. Amen.”

Laubhan’s prayer video quickly went viral, with many people thanking him for his concern, compassion, and willingness to pray on behalf of others. Residents of Amory, Mississippi, where the tornado struck moments after Laubhan’s report, are among those who credit Laubhan with saving their lives. They are thanking the meteorologist for his concern, empathy, and decision to pray to God to help those in need.

Leah Ann Hubbard, a resident, said Laubhan’s tone and tenor were unusual, and his level of warning prompted her to seek refuge. “He definitely saved lives,” she said. Hubbard later assessed the damage, which she described as “apocalyptic. “I may not be a Christian, but this was a heartfelt prayer from a [meteorologist] who knew this was possibly a mile-wide EF-4 that had destroyed two other towns in the past hour,” said Dean Hirasawa, who commented on a YouTube video of Laubhan’s prayer.

Darin Hyden added, “We need more people like this in broadcasting.” Sir, God bless you! ” Laubhan, on the other hand, did not stop with his on-air prayer. On Instagram last Sunday, he shared a Bible verse and an encouraging message to those who were grieving in the wake of so much loss. “Faith demonstrates the reality of what we hope for; it is proof of things we cannot see,” he wrote, citing Hebrews 11:1. He went on to say that, despite the severity of the damage, “the goodness of God WILL prevail.”

“So many people are in pain tonight, and my heart breaks for you.” I was blessed to learn this “memory verse” with a group of kids tonight, praising God and praying for those who are in need. Things won’t get better overnight, but being surrounded by the loud, young voices of these 3rd-5th graders assures me that God will be faithful in this time of great pain and heartache, and that even though the damage is severe, God’s goodness WILL prevail.”

Sadly, the tornadoes Laubhan described caused significant loss of life and widespread damage. However, in the midst of the devastation, Laubhan’s actions remind us of the power of a single prayer, as well as the fact that goodness and faith can be found even in the midst of tragedy. WATCH: A Meteorologist Prays On-Air Prior to a Deadly Tornado.

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