Minnesota couple welcome rare identical quadruplet girls. How they look now?

A Minnesota couple welcomed four rare identical quadruplet girls via caesarian birth. Taylor Becher and Lance Thompson of Albertville, Minnesota, received this one-in-15-million case as a very special gift. During Becher’s eight-week ultrasound, the couple learned that they were expecting quadruplets. The doctor initially thought they were expecting twins until she discovered there were four babies inside Becher’s tummy.

Despite the fact that she is already a mother of a 21-month-old boy, the thought of having four babies inside her terrified Becher. She was also aware that having multiple babies at the same time was extremely dangerous. Becher was extremely stressed at first, but her boyfriend Lance supported her throughout her pregnancy and until she gave birth. He would reassure her that everything would be fine.

Delivered by caesarian birth.

“There were times when I would Google and stress myself out, but Lance would talk me down,” she explained. Bechers’ source of stress is understandable and common. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, complications increase with each additional fetus in a multiple pregnancy. Preterm birth, placental problems, preeclampsia, diabetes, and fetal and newborn complications are among the complications.

While carrying a multiple pregnancy is frightening and stressful, Becher overcame all of the obstacles by remaining positive and extra cautious. She also enjoyed purchasing baby items like car seats, cots, and newborn clothing. Finally, on March 11, their four bundles of joy were born via caesarian section. The parents were astounded, but what stunned them the most was the fact that their four baby girls are identical.

Lakely, Sawyer, Kennedy, and Aurora were all delivered safely and without complications. The couple was overjoyed and relieved that their quadruplets were all healthy and adorable. Lakely was the smallest of the quadruplets, weighing 2 pounds and 3 ounces, while Sawyer was the largest, weighing 3 pounds and 3 ounces. Lakely, according to Becher, did not grow as quickly as her other sisters while pregnant, but she was the only one who did not require breathing assistance.

Fortunately, all four babies are now breathing perfectly on their own. The couple can’t wait to bring their babies home to meet their older brother. They will be released from the hospital next month because the coronavirus required them to stay longer. Because of the same reason, their son was unable to visit the babies. Becher recalled her son kissing her stomach while she was pregnant.

The quadruplet's latest photo.

“Before the babies arrived, I’d ask, ‘Do you want to kiss your sister?'” ‘And he’d kiss my tummy!’ ” She yelled. This heightened her anticipation of seeing all of her children together It’s incredible to witness such a once-in-a-lifetime love story. We hope that these precious little angels grow up healthy and show their parents a lot of love and respect.

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