Her Age will amaze you! Who is this successful fashion model?

Women over the age of 25, let alone 59, have little chance of establishing a modeling career. This unspoken rule, however, does not apply to Yasmina Rossi, who is not only the grandmother of two grandchildren, but also a fashion model who works for well-known international brands such as YSL, Marks & Spencer, Hermes, and many more. Yasmina from Russia demonstrates that life does not end at the age of 50.

Yasmina Rossi is not only the grandmother of two grandchildren, but she also works as a fashion model for YSL, Marks & Spencer, and many other well-known international brands. Yasmina was born in 1955 in France and spent her childhood on the island of Corsica. The woman became an American citizen in 2007. She is the mother of two children and grandmother of two grandchildren.

Naturally, everyone wants to know how Yasmina managed to stay young and fashionable at the age of 59. “I have no special secrets.” “I’ve always eaten organic – long before it was trendy.” “I take the oil internally and use it on my skin and hair. I make rapeseed oil hair masks and an olive oil and fine sugar body scrub.” “I eat avocados, organic meat, and fish every day.”

In terms of sports, Yasmina goes for a light jog along the seashore every morning, and she has been practicing yoga for a long time. Rossi enjoys photography and ceramics in addition to her successful modeling career.

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