Random Stranger Saves 88-Year-Old Woman’s Life And Forms Wonderful Friendship With Her

The elderly are the best people to give life advice because of their lifelong experiences and learnings. Our parents taught us to always respect our elders. They deserve to be respected because of everything they’ve been through and how they can still influence our lives with their wisdom. Barbara Kimbro, an 88-year-old woman from Columbus, Georgia, was driving to see a friend when she ran out of gas.

She pulled over to the nearest gas station and pumped her gas before going inside to get a receipt. She took the risk of walking without her walker, but she quickly regretted it when she lost her balance and nearly fell while walking. Fortunately, 27-year-old JaQuan Sanks was nearby, holding the door for Barbara, and was able to catch her before she fell.

JaQuan was extremely grateful to Barbara. She bought him a full tank of gas in exchange for his good deed. “He literally saved my life,” she said. “I just felt like it was a God moment because he couldn’t have waited (for) another second; if he could have, I’d be on my way down.” The elderly lady thanked JaQuan for saving her life. She shared their encounter on Facebook, which JaQuan also did, and it reached a large number of people.

JaQuan eventually decided to pay a visit to Barbara in the nursing home. He brought her a bouquet and a shirt similar to his and thanked her for changing his life through the viral Facebook post.

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