What does a boy born with gray hair look like now?

A joyful event occurred in the Williams family in 2012: the birth of a third son, Redd. With almond-shaped eyes and gray hair, the boy stood out. The baby’s hair turned platinum a few days later. The doctors and family were taken aback by the fact that all of the boy’s relatives had dark hair and belonged to an Indian tribe.

Doctors eventually determined that the boy was an albino. The family attempted to discover whether there were any other relatives with such genetic pathologies. It was discovered that Redd’s mother’s 85-year-old grandmother also had platinum hair. Despite the doctors’ insistence, the woman has never admitted to having albinism.

After 6 years, the family welcomed another albino son. Boys grow up mobile and content. They get offers from modeling agencies, and even strangers want to take photos with them. What a cheerful family!

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