Because of his unusual appearance, the boy was mocked, but a loyal dog came to his aid.

Quaden Bales’ story has recently gone viral around the world. A 9-year-old Australian boy with dwarfism (dwarfism) was bullied at school. Quaden finally confessed to his mother, in despair, that he no longer wanted to live.

He was born healthy, but his parents soon noticed that the baby was not growing. His tiny hands and feet remained the same size. Doctors shook their heads, knowing that no one is immune to such a pathology. Quaden is having difficulty. After all, he is constantly the center of attention. Even adults are often taken aback and mocked by him.

Experts advised parents to socialize their son as much as possible so that he does not perceive himself as different from others. And all of their efforts were directed toward successful social adaptation. And, in order to make his son happier, his parents bought him a dog.

She, too, turned out to be not ordinary, but dwarfed. Quaden and Buddy became best friends, and the boy’s psycho-emotional state improved dramatically. This was followed by millions of words of encouragement from people all over the world, which encouraged Quaden not to give up and to believe that his uniqueness would not prevent him from living a normal life.

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