Internet users were amused by photos of the girl before and after she went to school.

As is customary, you pick up a child for school, dress him/her in a clean suit or dress, and carefully comb his/her hair. When you look at the baby, you see nothing but an angel. When you come to pick him/her up after class, it appears that he/she has survived the zombie apocalypse: dirty or torn clothes, and a mess on his head. This was confirmed by the heroine of this story’s mother.

For the holiday, the girl requested a costume of her favorite character, Princess Jasmine from Disney’s “Aladdin.” The outfit was purchased, and the baby was beaming with joy. The hairstyle was also designed to complement the suit. When mom arrived to pick up her daughter, however, there was no trace of that hairstyle. The parent photographed the child and posted a before and after photo on social media.

The first comments were quick to arrive: “It’s all because Aladdin has a fast carpet,” says the narrator. “My photograph is taken on Friday evening and Saturday morning,” “My daughter always wears the same hairstyle.” “I believe there is a secret fight club in junior high.”

Other observers observed that we were all the same as children: “Well, these are children. When we were kids, we all came home in the same way. It’s just that our mothers didn’t have smartphones with cameras to photograph our hairstyles and outfits after school or while walking.”

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