This Incredible Storybook Home in Alaska Is Like Something from Books. Take a look inside!

The Goose Creek Tower is a construction project that locals refer to as the Dr. Seuss house because of its fantastical, interconnected stories that seem to have come straight from the mind of the famed illustrator. In reality, the design was created by Alaskan lawyer Phillip Weidner, who claims he began building to suit his ideas and the project grew and grew. Weidner, an MIT graduate, has let his imagination run wild in his “poem to the sky.”

Weidner says he doesn’t know how many stories tall this unique structure is because of the jumbled nature of how the stories are constructed! This tower residence ends only 15 feet below federal airspace in a remote area between Denali and Anchorage. Weidner claims that the view of the Northern Lights from the top is simply breathtaking, with visibility of up to 300 miles on a clear day! Even though the house is not yet finished, it is an amazing place. Check out the video below.

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