Before the flight, the mother distributed gift bags to passengers on behalf of her four-month-old son.

Passengers take their seats one at a time. It’s a long journey, 10 hours in the summer, across the entire Pacific Ocean. A young woman with a baby in her arms abruptly gets up from her seat and begins walking around the salon. She hands each passenger a small bag before continuing — what was inside?

Several people reported the incident on Facebook, and their statements were later confirmed by other passengers. The young mother made no requests and only distributed identical bags There was candy, earplugs, and a note inside the bags. Here is her rough translation:

“Hello, my name is Junwo, and I am 4 months old.” But this will be my first flight in a plane, and I’m not sure how it will go. It’s not out of spite that I start crying or making noise. My mother and grandmother are with me; I will do my best to obey! However, if the noise bothers you, bring earplugs and candy. Sorry for the inconvenience, and have a safe flight!”

The passengers were unable to appreciate Junwo’s noble gesture because he did not cry during the flight. But no one refused the sweets, and the most conscientious ones rushed to tell everyone about everything. To secretly thank Junwo’s mother while publicly condemning everyone else. After all, not every parent seriously considers flying with a small child in the cramped space of an airplane. Alas.

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