Mother of 2-Year-Old Twins Discovers She’s Pregnant Again — Her Husband Wants a Divorce

A woman was already a mother of twins when she discovered she was pregnant again. Thinking that everything was fine in her family, she prepared to begin a new chapter in her life. She had no idea what the future had in store for her.Robin Ellen Mercado of Pensacola, Florida, was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant. But the real shock came when she and her husband, Justin Mercado, discovered they were expecting twins!

It took some time for the initial shock to wear off because twins did not run in their family and the babies were conceived naturally. Despite the fact that there was a lot to take in, Robin was not scared, disappointed, or overwhelmed. She couldn’t wait to meet her children and embrace motherhood. Soon after, Robin began educating herself in order to prepare for what was to come. She attended intensive birthing classes and breastfeeding classes, as well as reading books and researching the best hospitals.

If she only knew what her growth journey entailed and what awaited her at the end! Robin’s doctors became concerned when one of her babies showed signs of restricted growth and advised her to deliver the twins as soon as possible. Things worked out in the end, and the Florida woman gave birth to twin girls naturally at 37 weeks.The twins were born 18 minutes apart and arrived safely and healthy.

But it soon became clear to Robin that, despite her efforts, she was unprepared for the postpartum period. She felt cut off and disconnected from everything and everyone, lost, scared, and confused. Robin returned from the hospital with a prescription note that read, “May experience tearfulness.” If she had only known what those three words meant at the time!

Robin recalled sobbing uncontrollably for the first eight weeks of caring for her twin daughters. Justin’s family moved frequently because he was in the military, and she had to live far away from her loved ones. As a result, she had to care for her daughters alone while their father was at work. While the new mom tried to soothe her agitated babies, their father slept through their cries and screams.

Then there was breastfeeding, which was anything but simple. In addition to physical exhaustion, Robin had to deal with emotional trauma and sleepless nights. Robin found herself wallowing in self-pity and pain with only 20 minutes between feeding sessions. She eventually decided to let go of the emotional baggage and be available to her daughters as a happy, healthy parent.

But she had to make some difficult decisions in order to do so.Robin knew she would survive the odds for their sake after successfully putting her twins to sleep and listening to their breathing. She felt a sudden shift inside her after much thought as she let go of the soul-consuming guilt of breastfeeding. Following that, the mother began giving her daughters bottles of formula milk and noticed a significant improvement in their mood and sleeping patterns.

She sighed, relieved she had listened to herself and broken free from unreasonable expectations and pressures. Robin also used her saved energy to spend as much time as she could with her little princesses. The twins’ mother survived the first two months of severe postpartum depression and battled the worst feelings. But there was still a lot she wasn’t prepared to face.

The cracks in Robin’s marriage to her husband became apparent over time. Throughout it all, she tried to improve herself in order to become a better human, but more importantly, a caring wife and a good mother to her daughters. Robin transformed herself from being alone with a bottle of wine to embracing a healthier lifestyle, being sober, and running a 5k. Robin assumed that everything would be fine with her family after fully investing in herself, having a spiritual awakening, and starting a new venture.

Despite all of the positive changes and hard work, she couldn’t avoid the inevitable. As her twin daughters grew older, Robin learned that she was pregnant for the second time. But what happened next tore her apart.Her twins had turned two, and she was six months pregnant when she discovered something heartbreaking. She and her husband had recently relocated across the country when he informed her that he desired a divorce.

Justin Mercado and Robin Ellen Mercado | Robin Ellen Mercado | Source: Fromm

Robin was devastated when Justin admitted he no longer wanted to work on things. She experienced a wide range of feelings, including shock, resentment, confusion, anger, and numbness. If she only knew what her growth journey entailed and what awaited her at the end! While Robin never fully recovered from her grief and heartbreak, she gradually realized that everything happened for a reason.

It took Robin some time to understand her life’s direction, from figuring out how to co-parent with her ex-husband to overcoming obstacles.Robin couldn’t wait to hug and hold her baby boy after everything she’d been through. She was prepared for whatever came her way, having seen the worst of the pre-birth and postpartum phases. In June 2021, she told her story to Love What Matters, saying:

“The growth as a human being I’ve experienced as a mother over the last couple years has been profound…Before even thinking about getting my kids out of bed every day, I invest in my own physical, mental, and emotional [well-being].”Despite admitting that she is not a perfect mother or human being, Robin’s journey of self-discovery has changed her outlook on life.

She discovered how to invest in herself while also being a loving mother to her three children. Robin began to see life in a different light after putting herself first. What do you think about this story? If you enjoyed this article, please share your thoughts with us on Facebook. Click here to read about a couple who adopted a coveted boy, only to find themselves on the verge of divorce months later.

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