This wonderful little kid who was born with a weight of only 400 grams survived and how he looks now ?

Baby Abel is celebrating his first Christmas this year, and after all, nobody believed that he would survive… His parents were asked several times to say goodbye to him. In the short time that Abel lived, he suffered more than many adults.

In the first four months alone, he was operated on twice and had 10 blood transfusions. But the boy was not going to give up, despite all the doctors’ predictions, he survived and has every chance of a happy life!

Abel was born at 24 weeks pregnant and weighed little more than 400 grams. Charlotte was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia at the time, which necessitates an immediate delivery or both mother and child may die. Abel was born very poorly, and Charlotte never saw him because he was immediately sent to the intensive care unit.

The woman was kept in a coma for two days to restore her blood pressure and work on her internal organs. She saw her baby on the phone screen for the first time. “I had lost a baby at 17 weeks of pregnancy a year before that.” Abel has become a divine gift for us.

He was alive, breathing, and fighting. And just next to him were his mother and father, who came to the hospital every day to pray for their son. Despite the doctors’ expectations, another miracle occurred: he began to recover. He had been through a lot during his five months in the hospital. But now, no one can believe that the small happy boy has been on the point of death more than once.

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