This gorgeous mansion is like something from a movie. Take a tour inside!

How does it feel to live on a grand estate or in a castle? The Biltmore Estate is one of the few remaining American mansions that has it all, from the bowling alley to the servant’s hall to the antique-filled music room.

This lavish home, built in 1895, is the closest thing to Downton Abbey we have in the United States. No doubt, the standards of service were similar to those expected of English nobility at the time, with servants’ entrances and halls separated from those of the family.

George Vanderbilt commissioned this castle-like home in 1889 after falling in love with the area surrounding Asheville, North Carolina, which is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Vanderbilt married Edith Stuyvesant Dresser in 1889, and they had one daughter, Cornelia, in 1900, a birth that was widely publicized.

Mr. Vanderbilt spent his time learning about science and philosophy, and he was particularly interested in farm science and botany as potential sources of income for the estate.The exquisitely decorated rooms reflect what European nobility would have displayed at the time.

Each room is filled with masterful antiques of German, French, and English origin, as well as priceless artworks by artists such as Renoir and John Singer Sergeant. From the fabrics to the clocks to the finely carved furniture, no expense was spared.

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