It is vital for this boy to see a rainbow every day, even in a photo

Robbie Ekuer is nine years old, has autism, and lives with her aunt. The boy recently became an orphan, and this story is solely about that tragic event and its instructive consequences. A crucial symbol for him.Life with autism is not easy, and Robbie recently lost his mother. Cystic fibrosis, a serious disease, gave her no chance. A double rainbow appeared in the sky above their street on the day the boy found out about the loss.

And the father devised a plan: he took a picture of a rainbow as a souvenir and told his son that it was actually a magical rainbow bridge, along which mom had gone far, far away. He didn’t lie about her returning one day, just handed Robbie a picture. Father was gone a month later.Pain relievers and antidepressants were overdosed. The boy understood everything, but interpreted it in his own way: his parents did not die, but rather “went over the rainbow bridge.”

His aunt, who now looks after him, agreed with the plan. It’s simpler that way. However, it does not rain often in their area, and the rainbow does not always appear, and the boy misses his mother and father every day. Then my aunt burst out crying and asked me to send them photos of rainbows. The most common, genuine rainbows, not photoshopped images from the internet.

Robbie received over 5,000 photos in a short period of time! When he thinks of his deceased parents, he now has something to talk about with his aunt. The images depict various locations around the world where rainbow bridges lead — people leave their loved ones on them. If you are a child, this makes it easier to perceive the sad reality. Adults as well.

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