Why this father forced his son to run there in the rain for tricks at school?

A ten-year-old boy runs clumsily down a country road on the cold first days of spring, a dull rain drizzles. He has no choice: the road to school is one and a half kilometers long, and behind him is a jeep driven by his father. Brian Thornhill gained media attention after posting a documentary video of his own son being bullied — by today’s tolerant standards.

He forbade Hayden, 10, from riding the school bus and forced him to walk to school. More specifically, running for a week in a row in any weather. To ensure that the boy does not flee, the stern father follows him, films him, and informs him of the reasons for such an act.Hayden Thornhill is a well-liked son, but he’s a tyrant. A banal ill-mannered boy, not one of those with an awl in the ass. And who will bring him up if it is now impossible to raise a hand or speak to a child?

Hayden got into such a fight with the kids three times in three days that he was thrown off the school bus. And the teachers are complaining, so the “evil folder” Brian made a decision: you can’t control your emotions in a crowd, so you’ll walk to school alone. Go ahead and do it!Brian is unconcerned about his actions and dismisses criticism. First and foremost, notice how fast the kid is going, nearly 9 km/h!

Second, after a few days of jogging, he realized he was mistaken and stopped bothering other children. Teachers were also pleased with the positive educational impact. And having to run in bad weather — such challenges harden men!Brian Thornhill believes that the modern educational system has reached a stalemate. He insists that parents should be “friends” with their children — I am the father!

To be an example and guarantor of correct behavior, not to give slack and not to allow children to show cowardice. In any case, society will teach them to be submissive and unscrupulous. Alas. As a result, you must instill the necessary skills in yourself. That sort of thing.

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