In a cafe, a man asked a young mother to “shut up” about her crying child. But he was promptly slapped on the head.

Lucy Hatami is a petty mother. Her child is only eight months old. She had an “unusual adventure” one day. She didn’t have time to cook breakfast, so she went to a restaurant. It was a child’s first visit to such a noisy institution. The unavoidable occurred: the baby began to cry loudly. Khatami was embarrassed because she realized that the other guests would prefer to eat in peace and quiet.

While she was attempting to calm the child, a 20-year-old man at the next table exclaimed, “Shut him up, at long last!”Lucy didn’t have time to respond because Ham’s father interrupted. “Do you think you were different as a child?” he slapped his son on the back of the head. You were a complete moron. Go apologize now. Provide her with a new breakfast. After all, the temperature has already dropped.”

Lucy was taken aback! The young man obeyed his father. She also received delicious food and hot coffee.A young mother documented her journey on Facebook. “Thank you to this father for remembering what it’s like to be a parent of a baby after more than 20 years,” she wrote. This story teaches us to be patient and respectful of others! Of course, this is also a wonderful illustration of how we are never too old for a harsh reprimand from our father or mother!

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