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This item is a soup bowl if it resembles a teacup with two handles and fits comfortably into a matching saucer. It was once considered polite to sip one’s soup slowly. Using a spoon quietly came later, and soups are now considered one of the “naturally” messier foods available.

The fancy French term for a gravy boat. Most of us would recognize a gravy boat if we saw one in person, but understanding some of the other names this popular serving dish goes by is useful for auction descriptions.

This two-handled serving dish was frequently accompanied by a platter underneath to catch spills and a lid to keep food hot. Some china sets from the twentieth century would have included matching casserole dishes with lids.

Formal meals included the use of finger bowls between courses and before the meal began. Members of the meal party would daintily dip their fingers in these small bowls of water to clean them.

Orange blossom water or rosewater in the bowls might have been appropriate for special occasions or upper-class households!Most of us are accustomed to seeing salt and pepper shakers on the table at mealtime. However, there may have been a salt cellar in the past: a tiny pot with a tiny spoon.

In finer homes, these could be shared across the table or placed at each setting.This low, wide bowl resembles a plate. A pasta bowl is a bowl that is too shallow for soup but too rounded for a decent-sized sandwich. They are ideal for twirling pasta around on a fork and piling up sauce, but this type of dish is not always included in standard tableware sets these days.

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