People notice something strange in this married couple’s photo!

It is not unusual for a married couple to post photos of themselves on the Internet. This photo of a special couple, on the other hand, is being circulated around the world for a very special reason. You’ll understand why after scrolling down and seeing the bottom half of the photo. This photograph depicts a wife and husband, not a husband and wife.Kelly and Jesse Cottle, pictured above, recently posed in front of the camera for a family photo shoot.

Jesse, the husband, joined the Marines in 2003 and was deployed in Afghanistan six years later, dismantling IEDs. An incident occurred unexpectedly, causing Jesse to become disabled. “I haven’t slept all night. It was difficult, but I just kept telling myself that “now it’s really hard, but everything will be fine,” Jesse said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

“I had my family, I had good friends, and basically only my faith helped me to bear it.”In fact, Jesse would not have met Kelly if he hadn’t entered the swimming competition as soon as he returned home. “I just remember him being very intrigued,” Kelly recalled. They fell in love with each other right away and married. In this photo shoot with the Kellys, photographer Sarah Ledford invited the entire family to jump into the water.

Kelly was carrying Jessie as usual, and Ledford only needed to capture this magical moment. And when Ledford shared the photo on Facebook, everyone was inspired and fell in love with it.”It’s cool because we represent a lot of couples, so it’s an honor to be able to represent that,” Kelly said. Isn’t this a beautiful photograph?

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